To develop the full set of robotic, clean energy and biological processes necessary to create post-carbon and regenerative civilisation before 2020, as pre-emptive preparation for the coming 2 decades in which the fate of our planet must be decided in favour of life and mankind, by implementing our solutions, with full mass production process design for all components of all systems completed before 2020.

Alex Daniel founded Ankhotep Lifetech in mid 2012 in consultation with James Ovenden of Elemental Electrical. We have now programmed several of the accessible “Raspberry Pi 1 and 3” units in Python programming language (we have created three) and gained considerable robotics experience by doing so, however this is our first robot arm.

Current research we are doing includes robot arms, liquid fertiliser mass-production, COTSBots, solar sintering, coral microfracturing propagation, laboratory culture of Amazonian Ganoderma lingzhi, Pleurotus cultures from Ecuador (both petrocatalytic and edibles), assembling a large inventory of mushroom species for IncaShroom in Urubamba Cusco, and a thorough investigation of artificial intelligence.

We have also investigated trinary quantum computing and how we can use the cryogenic effects of SEGs to decimate the costs of quantum computing, and hopefully build our own AI supercomputers to foil the militarist-industrialist AIs.

The philosophy of an AI supercomputer depends on the system it is created to operate; an ecologist, humanitarian, permaculture-based AI will treat humans in a very different way to the contemporary AIs which are essentially psychotic sociopaths. Alex Daniel combines electronic robotics and programming with unusual electrical and materials knowledge, and a love of ecology/biology.